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Glossary of Common Legal Terms


There are a lot of specialized terms used in court.  Here are some common terms when beginning a new case:
  • Civil Action: A legal proceeding in which one person (the plaintiff) demands something (often money) from another person (the defendant) based on an injury or loss to the plaintiff.

  • Complaint: The legal document that starts a civil action.

  • Plaintiff: The person who files the complaint against another party (the defendant).

  • Defendant: The person against whom the plaintiff files the complaint.

  • Pro se:  Used to describe someone filing a civil action without an attorney, pronounced “pro say.”

  • In Forma Pauperis: Used to describe someone who is unable to pay the court’s filing fee due to poverty, pronounced “in form-a paw-per-iss.”


For definitions of more terms you may hear during your case and in court, visit the United States Courts Glossary.


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