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Fee Schedule


District Court Fees        Effective December 1, 2016


District Court Fees Total New Fee
Reproduction of Audio Recording of Court Proceeding $ 31
Microfilm/Microfiche of
Court Record
Search of Records 31
Certification 11
Exemplifications 22
Any Payment Returned or Denied for Insufficient Funds 53
Filing or Indexing of Miscellaneous Paper 47
Misdemeanor Appeal 38
Cuban Liberated Civil Filing Fee 6,548

Record Retrieval: 1st Box/Additional Boxes

Electronic Record Retrieval:


19.90 plus 0.65/page

Filing An Appeal 505
Attorney Admission 205
Duplicate Certificate of Admission or Certificate of Good Standing 19
Pro Hac Vice Admission 200
Civil Filing Fee 400
Prisoner Filing Fee 400
Writ of Habeas Corpus 5
Power of Attorney 46
Reproduction of any record of paper .50 per pg
Electronic Public Access Fee (EPA) (Printing from CM/ECF for requests in person AT COUNTER)

.10 per pg

Processing fee for a petty offense charged on a federal violation notice 30